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Welcome to the new and improved Mighty Garage Door website. We’ve spent a lot of time redesigning and simplifying our online presence and we hope that you will enjoy the new experience. My name is Adam and I wanted to go over a few of the new features and updates that we have put into this site.

Homepage Redesign

When we researched other garage door companies websites, we noticed that the user experience was somewhat lacking. The most important garage door information was spread out over multiple pages and hard to find. A vast majority of our competitors websites also had little to no design aspects included. In other words, other garage door company websites are relicts from a bygone area of user experience and web design.

We wanted to change the status quo. Our new homepage is easy to use, incredibly simple, and fast. We partnered with a premier web designer to bring you the latest technology. The first thing you’ll notice on the homepage is the three “clickable” options.

  1. Won’t Open – Click this if your garage door won’t open
  2. Won’t Close – Click this if your garage door won’t close
  3. New garage door/opener Installation – Click this if you want to talk with one of our sales representatives about installing a new garage door.

Clicking one of these three options will bring you directly to a contact form where you can be put in touch with a qualified sales or service representative.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Another great feature of our new website is “Responsive web design.” This means that you will be able to view our new website on both smartphones as well as tablets, like Google’s Nexus 7 or Apple’s ipad. Instead of a miniaturized website, like most garage door companies, we give you San Diego’s only mobile friendly version of a garage door company website. This means less time being stuck in your garage and more time getting out and enjoying your life.

Our new Blog

While the previous version of our blog was great, we knew it was time to put out a world class garage door blog that matched our companies world class garage door service. Our new garage door blog will not only focus on garage door tips and safety but also on the San Diego garage door community. We think it’s important to put the focus on you, our San Diego customers, so we want to include you on all the latest trends in San Diego. Keep an eye out for special offers on garage doors in San Diego as well.

Final Thoughts

We appreciate the fact that San Diego has a choice when it comes to garage door repair, service and replacement. It’s for that reason we at Mighty Garage Doors wants to provide San Diego with the best garage door service available. This new website is a testament to that commitment.



  1. The website looks great! Very easy to navigate and Mighty was quick in their response to the service submission. Thank you!

  2. Nice infomative article. Good information sharing about garage doors.

  3. Just left a phone message on saturday afternoon. Can’t find information on your website regarding weekend call monitoring or what your companies hours are.

    • Hey Karen,

      Thanks for letting us know. You can find our hours on Yelp, Google+ and Facebook. We’ll work on getting our hours listed on the website. But for now, feel free to call us or contact us through the contact form on our website whenever you need us. We usually respond within 30min – 1hr.

      Thanks for reaching out!

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