Point Loma Garage Door Service

Point Loma Garage Door Service

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The peninsula that has been described as “where California began,”  Point Loma houses two major military bases, a national cemetery, a national monument, and a university, in addition to residential and commercial areas. The Point Loma community is part of the city of San Diego. On the San Diego City Council it is part of District 2, currently represented by Ed Harris.

There are several distinct neighborhoods in the Point Loma peninsula.Most neighborhoods in Point Loma consist primarily of single family homes. These neighborhood homes have a variety of garage doors though most are the standard one piece “California wood garage door.” We’ve installed and repaired garage doors all over the Point Loma peninsula. From Loma Portal to Sunset Cliffs, if there’s a garage, there’s a garage door we’ve worked with.

Many property management companies have real estate on the peninsula as well. We at Mighty Garage Door have been fortunate enough to build solid relationships with not only these companies but those who live in the properties they help maintain. This give us a unique perspective into the lives of those who live in Point Loma and the garage door repair work that generally needs doing.

If you live in Point Loma and need your Garage door serviced, please call one of our representatives today!

Check out this awesome video of Point Loma from the eyes of a quadcopter!


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