Mira Mesa Garage Door Service

Mira Mesa Garage Door Service

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Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa, nestled between Sorrento Valley and Scripps Ranch has a unique history like most areas in San Diego. Following a housing boom in 1969 in Mira mesa, one mayor ran on the platform, “No more Mira Mesas.” The reason behind the former mayors call to arms was because during the housing boom the city planners put no thought into schools and shopping areas in Mira Mesa.
Mira Mesa now has many shopping areas and schools. It also has all of those old homes built during the boom of 69’. These older homes in the Mira Mesa area have what we in the garage door business call, a “California Door”. California door meaning a garage door that lifts and closes as one unit. eg no garage door panels. We’ve been fortunate enough at Mighty Garage door to service the Mira Mesa market since our inception. Some of the very first garage doors we installed and serviced were in Mira Mesa. If you’re lucky enough to own a home that we serviced in those early days of Might Garage Door you may even see some of those old stickers near by the wall button on your garage!

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