Garage Door Repair in Ocean Beach

Garage Door Repair in Ocean Beach

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There’s only one word that can describe garage door repair in Ocean Beach. Rust. Being close to the water has it’s obvious advantages. The cool ocean air breathes life to the local vegetation. The sun – when it’s sunny out – brings out locals and visitors alike to the water for surfing or just relaxing in the sand. And the sounds of gentle ocean waves can soothe the soul.


All of these things are terrific for your well being, but terrible for your garage door. The cool ocean air I mentioned above can also bring with it salt. That salt can attach itself to your garage door. Over time, rust can begin to form. That rust eats away at your garage doors, springs, rollers, cables and other metal parts. This will cause your door to break. One way or another its bound to happen.

While rust is almost inevitable, there are some things you can do to help prevent it. First keep your door clean with fresh water and soap. Second, don’t forget to lubricate. And finally, always call Mighty Garage Door for all your service needs.

– Adam


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