Garage Doors & Weather

Garage Doors & Weather

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When it’s cold outside, you turn up the heat in your home. When it’s hot outside, you turn on the air conditioner. When it’s windy, raining or snowing you shut the doors and close the windows. You do these things to keep your home clean and comfortable. No one wants a home that is a mess. So why is it that no one thinks about the largest door in their home, the Garage door, as the number one point of entry for…. the weather! I want to take a moment to go over how you can keep you garage free from natures fury.


Garage Door Insulation 

In San Diego it can get hot. But in the east county, it can get really cold, especially at night. Did you know that homes can lose 18% – 20% of their heat from doors and windows? So, breaking that down to your garage door, you can lose around 13% of your homes heat via your homes garage door! Installing your home with an insulated garage door saves you money by keeping heat in your home and dollars in your bank account. An added benefit to installing an insulated garage door is noise. Insulation cuts down on garage door noise by 20-40%! That will keep your family and your neighbors happy.

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Wind. It’s always going to be here. On hot days a cool wind can feel great. But that same wind can kick up dust, leaves and other types of dirt. Garage door weather stripping is designed to keep out those same elements. A garage door that does not have weather stripping opens your home up to dirt and other filthy things. Weather stripping has other benefits as well. While garage door weather stripping can keep out dirt and dust, it can also keep your garage door dry and free of water. When it rains there is a good chance your home will get wet. Adding weather stripping keeps out that water.


Garage Door Strength

While San Diego may not be as windy as other areas of the country, it can still get be very valuable to reinforce your garage door from the elements. Adding struts, or steel reinforcement bars, can greatly increase the strength and durability of your homes garage door. Most garage doors come with a top strut on the highet section of a garage door. Adding additional struts will keep your garage door running for much longer and aid in helping to keep out the wind. Note: adding struts to your garage door will add weight and you may need to change your springs or garage door opener as well.


  1. There iѕ definately a greаt deal to know about this toρic.
    І really like all the points you’ve made.

    • Thanks Dacia. Glad you enjoyed.

  2. The benefits that come with installing an insulated garage door sounds awesome, but I wonder if an insulated garage door is more costly compared to a regular garage door? How about the maintenance of the said garage door, is it high maintenance?

    • Hey Mary,

      In short, yes. An insulated garage door does carry more cost. However, the lifetime value of an insulated garage door is worth that cost if you factor in noise, energy savings and garage door durability.

      As for the maintenance, it will be the exact same type of maintenance you would preform on a non-insulated garage door.

      Hope this answers your questions.


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