Garage Door Security

Garage Door Security

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At the turn of the century, industry was booming. Jobs were being created and homes were being built. Those new homes were being filled with more than just durable goods, they were being filled with cars. With more and more Americans buying cars, there were more and more garage doors that needed to be lifted. Before the invention of the garage door opener in 1925, homeowners had to lift their garage door manually. With Americans working further away from their homes, at the end of the day, people started to use the garage door as their main point of entry. This means more garage door openers and more ways for burglars and thieves to get into your home. In this post, I wanted to take some time to discuss the different methods to open and secure your garage door.

Manually Lifting your Garage Door

There are many different styles of garage door. Rollup garage doors, one piece wooden garage doors, and swing style doors are a few examples. Each type of door is lifted or moved in different ways, which means different types of security. Let’s review each style of garage doors security.

Roll up doors

Roll up garage doors have panels that lift straight up and over your garage door opening. These are the most common garage door in the United States. Roll up garage doors are generally much easier to lift manually then other types of garage doors and much simpler to install. If your roll up garage door doesn’t have a opener, then you either have a slide lock or a keyed entry lock. Slide locks can only be unlocked from the inside of your garage door. Keyed entry locks are on a pulley system that can be opened from the inside or outside.


One Piece Wooden Doors

Also called California doors, one piece wooden doors are lifted angularly. This means they never completely lift out of the way of the garage door opening. Most manually lifted one piece garage door openings have a lock on the outside of the door. This means it can only be unlocked from the outside.

Automatic Garage Door Opener

Roll up doors

Roll up garage doors, that have a garage door opener attached, can be opened and closed in many different ways. The first and most common way to open and close your garage door is with a garage door remote. The second most common way to open your door is by pushing the hard wired wall button. Lastly, you can open your garage door by keyless entry. The keyless entry is an alphanumeric wireless keypad you enter a code into. When pushed, the garage door remote button will send a signal to your garage door opener. This will open or close your garage door. When engaged, the garage door opener acts as a natural lock. When closed, you will not be able to open your garage door unless you push your remote button, the wall button, or enter your keyless entry code.

One Piece Wooden Doors

Your one piece wooden door will not open unless you enable one of the three aforementioned remote control functions. an attached garage door opener will usually be at a different angle then other a roll up door. This is because the angle of which a one piece garage door opens.  The best from of security on a wooden garage door is to make sure it closes completely and stays closed for 3-5 seconds. This way you know the garage door has gone through it’s complete cycle.

Vault Release

There is a way to manually detach a garage door opener from a wooden door. A vault release will detached a garage door opener from your garage door from the outside of your garage door manually. Once installed you can use a key to release your garage door from it’s attached garage door opener.

Always remember to lock or close your garage door when you leave. If you ever have questions about garage door safety in San Diego, feel free to email or call us.

– Adam


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