Garage Door Maintenance Safety Tips.

Garage Door Maintenance Safety Tips.

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With all the moving parts of a garage door, there are many things that can wear out or break over time. The garage door springs, the garage door rollers or the garage door hinges are just a few examples. We recommend yearly maintenance on your garage door to make sure that your downtime is kept to a minimum. While simple maintenance tips are great what really matters is being safe during the maintenance process. We’ve been in the garage door repair and installation business for over 3 decades, and in that time we have learned how to maintain doors in a safe and cost effective manner. Here are four things you can do to be sure you stay safe while maintaining your garage door.

Wear Safety Gloves

Garage doors have small spaces that must be looked at to ensure a properly working door. These small spaces require hands and tools to fit in them. You can see where this is going. Imagine if you will, adjusting your garage door and unknowingly someone tries opening the garage door from the street. This could cause your fingers to get caught in the cables and invoke serious injury. Simply wearing safety gloves such as these from Walmart could save you the pain and trip to the emergency room. Even thin latex gloves can help in a sticky situation.

Wear Eye Goggles

Metal, wood, and other synthetic materials are what a garage door is generally made of. If you went around and asked a group of people which one of those materials they would rather get in their eyes, I would wager they would all choose none of the above. Working in a garage, there can be all sorts of loose particles floating around the work area. Years of movement can create loose metal shavings on your garage door that can cause serious damage to your eyes. As my father always said, “you only have two eyes,” so it’s in your best interest to protect the ones you have. Try these goggles from Amazon.

Proper Lighting

The inside of a garage doesn’t always have the best lighting options; with many garages only having a single lighting source. If you work on your garage door without proper lighting, you are putting yourself at risk of serious injury. Over 90% of our garage door repair is done with the garage door in the down position. This means we always carry additional lighting sources on our work trucks. Even a simple flashlight will do. If you can’t see your work, get out of the garage and call Mighty Garage Doors.


There are many options for tools you can use for maintaining your garage door. Lubricant, screwdrivers and drills are all important tools. Using any of these tools can be dangerous. Lubricant can get on the floor and you could slip. Drills can spin out of control. Screwdrivers can break off and fly in any direction. If you do any maintenance to your garage door, be sure you are comfortable using the tools of maintenance before attempting to use them on a garage door.

These safety tips will keep your garage door running smooth and your maintenance safe. Feel free to leave comments below or reach out to me via Google+, Twitter or Facebook with any additional questions!

– Adam


  1. Good to read all about your company and services in one place. It gives clear understanding of the services your company is offering to customers.

  2. Great tips, it’s good to be careful when working on garage doors.

  3. Well done on this article, friend. Safety is key, that’s what I learned from working on my garage door in Minneapolis. I just moved out to this area, so I’m glad I know of a garage door company in San Diego.

    • Thanks Jensen!

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